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Thoughts on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

It’s been about eleven days since I recieved an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and I wanted to add to my thoughts after having used it further. Still the major weakness with the platform is iOS and the more mobile like apps. The apps that are available are great, but when compared with the apps on a desktop type operating system they lack a lot of needed features.

I’ve built this whole blog almost entirely on the iPad Pro. It’s not an amazing feat of design by any stretch, but I’m finding I can do a whole lot on the iPad. I used Prompt as an ssh client to install and configure Word Press. I added plugins and themes all using Prompt and Safari on the iPad. I then drew a cartooning looking header image and exported it as a JPG from Procreate. This is where I had to go the desktop to resize it and dial it in with Photoshop.

I later discovered Pixelmator which allows me to do the crop and resizing tasks still on the iPad Pro. I then write these little articles and upload my sketches all from the iPad Pro. I’ve found I like Procreate best for sketching. Pixelmator is working great for cropping and resizing the images. I use iCloud to store all the images and site content. I also found Coda and am experimenting with it for coding and server management. It seems to work really well so far.

I’m not replacing my desktop computer by any means, but I am finding workarounds to accomplishing many taks right on the iPad. The recurring theme I’ve run into is that you have to constantly juggle files around many apps. On a Desktop you can do the majority of things in one maybe two apps. With the iPad it seems I’m constantly jumping around just do to basic stuff. Hopefully apps will move towards desktop quality features over time, but the murmuring from developers makes it seem unlikely. From what I’ve read Apple needs to modify their App Store policies to be more developer friendly. As a consumer of the App Store I hope they do it so the app quality can improve.

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